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Flower Mound's Personal Training Studio 469-556-5203


Are you ready to make a change?  Tired of the same old workout?  Join the success stories at Precision Personal Training in Flower Mound.  We provide upscale fitness and performance training tailored to your needs.

The Precision approach is designed to integrate the best of traditional exercise with innovative functional and performance training methods for all fitness levels.  Be exposed to a variety of training regimens in a unique environment which allows the personalized attention necessary to recognize your physical potential.

At Precision Personal Training, our goal is to listen and understand our clients’ needs and to provide a clean, convenient, and comfortable facility while demanding better results in less time. With more than 30 years of professional training experience, we've got the equipment and the science to make a better you.

Why choose Precision?

  • Decrease body fat

  • Improve your athletic development

  • Have a customized workout routine

  • Participate in group or family fitness training

  • Focus on health and nutrition

  • Lose weight or increase muscle mass

  • Feel better and have more energy

  • Work out in a comfortable, supportive environment

Our Approach


You’re busy, right? Your time is important, but so is your health. The Precision Approach is designed to provide you with individualized attention and time efficient programming with a trained fitness professional to help ensure results and keep you motivated!

Our Trainers


Our trainers focus on delivering effective training methods while educating clients on proper form and nutritional habits. Schedule your sessions when it’s convenient for you and know you’ll be supported, encouraged and pushed to meet your fitness goals.

Our Facilities

Our facilities feature the latest equipment in strength, cardiovascular and whole body training from FreeMotion to Life Fitness. Your workouts will integrate this equipment with the open floor space as part of our overall fitness philosophy.

"I no longer stress about the numbers on scale or think others might be judging me based on appearance. Donnie has changed my mindset from what I am lacking and instead I now focus on all the things I am capable of. In my time at Precision I have become more confident, physically stronger, and mentally tougher than I used to be."






Scott Middleton

I began personal training in 1996 while attending the University of North Texas in pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science degree with an emphasis in Kinesiology. As a teenager, I dreamed of owning my own training facility and worked hard over the years to make that goal a reality. I completed my Kinesiology degree, along with the top certifications available in the field in order to provide the best possible service to my clients.  During 13 years of training clients in various establishments, I learned as much as I could from each facility and used this experience to form a unique and effective training facility of my own. This journey has allowed me to create a training environment with impeccable service for each individual client to assist them in maximizing their success. Precision Personal Training is the final product of my many years of experience, education and commitment to a dream.




You don’t need to be a seasoned athlete or bodybuilder to enjoy the benefits of a PRECISION Personal Trainer.

Working one-on-one with our staff of professional certified personal trainers will provide you with a highly efficient and more productive workout.

Having a personal trainer can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals, while saving you a lot of time, frustration and pain along the way.


Fitness Evaluation

Before you begin any workout program, a general health assessment and fitness evaluation is essential.  When you join Precision, we will work with you to complete the complimentary fitness evaluation which determines the level of the five health related fitness components:  body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity.  The results of this fitness evaluation become the starting point for your customized fitness routine.   Fitness is key to longevity and quality of life; it is an important part of weight management, injury prevention/management and overall wellness.  It is critical that you understand your level of fitness before starting an exercise program.

Please note:  We are not medical professionals. If you have health concerns, consult a doctor.


Sports Performance Training

As an athlete, you may be interested in enhancing your sports performance results, building your speed and agility training or general athletic development.

Our customized sports performance training can help you achieve that sports performance enhancement.  When you work with a Precision trainer, you’ll benefit from their experience, knowledge and focus on your specific goals.

Combining our state-of-the-art training equipment and programs with education in sports performance training allows you to see results faster. If you want to increase your endurance, speed, agility, power or body control when it comes to sports performance, try our sports performance training programs.


Group Training

Group training in a small group workout is another way to stay motivated and be held accountable. Group fitness training is the most economical way to benefit from a personal trainer.